MC25POP(a.k.a Cherry Typhoon) – International Performer

MC/ Singer / Actor

Artist Agency : Raymma Inc. (JPN)

MC25POP started her stage career as a Drama director, a playwright , and a performer in Tokyo beginning in 1999.

Photo by Martine Cotton

Her first Appearance at international showcase was the burlesque performance at Tease-O-Rama 2005 and BHOF 2006(Awarded World Best Troupe) , as a member of Murasaki Babydoll.

Photo by Marisa Parisella

She began her solo career in 2007 and started performing at Festivals and Showcases across the North America and around the world. Based in Montreal from 2011-2015. 

Photo by Andrea Hausmann

Created / hosted many showcases in the beginning of Montreal Neo Burlesque Scenes , with Montreal based amazing burlesquers.

Photo by Andrea Hausmann

In 2016, She a heart attack on stage and spent several years in recuperation. 

After totally healed, she retired officially as an international burlesque dancer known as Cherry Typhoon. However – you will see the new star.

Hilarious , intelligent and Joyful MC, MC25POP ! 

MC25POP(a.k.a Cherry Typhon)

Artist Agency / Contact : Raymma Inc. (JPN)